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Internet marketing requires
an array of skills and expertise beyond that of traditional marketing.

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Public Relations Services

Internet Marketing Strategies:

Branding consultation
PPC Bid Management
Search Engine Optimization
Email Campaigns
Display Ad Campaigns
Logo / ID Creation
Graphic Services
Newsletter Development
Flash Presentations
Press Releases
Power Point Presentations
Affiliate Sales Program

Public Relations Services

Web Development & Support Services:

Web design
eBusiness Planning
Flash Development
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Public Relations Services

Public Relations Services:

Image & Relations Consulting
Crisis Prevention
Crisis Management
Publicity Campaigns
Targeted Communications
Press Releases

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About Us

Based in Houston, TX, we are a local-flavored creative agency that is, like Houston's own NASA space center and many arts centers, heavily involved in launching groundbreaking research and testing the limits. But unlike a local Houston SEO / SEM agency, we handle accounts nationally and abroad, due to our ability to provide innovative design, programming expertise and Web Marketing specialities such as search engine marketing (SEM), SEO and SEO copywriting, SMO (social media optimization), SMM (social media marketing), Press Release Copywriting, Press Kit materials, as well as solid service and support across multiple platforms and languages. We specialize in how to market to American and English-speaking audiences. We have support in several languages for larger accounts requiring special attention. If it is to be marketed to a US business or consumer, you should think of us first.


A Familiar Work Ethic

We're just like you. We prefer to get things right. And we have the missing puzzle piece for your marketing plan, the piece you would implement yourself if you only knew how. The internet changes fast and often. The nature and roles within online marketing will continue to transform dramatically for many industries, and that this ongoing situation requires a strong adaptable expertise that utilizes the new strategic importance of informational models of product awareness. Content is king. Marketing that content requires a thorough understanding of the principles behind the theory and limitations of the search engines, web site usability principles, ad trends, and the elusive role of conversion.


Our Methods

We emphasize your company's positioning via the correct sequencing of internet marketing methods and techniques, instead of wasting your marketing dollars on plans that run in circles. We do not use software to manage paid search. Hits Do Not Equal Conversions. We do not sell large numbers of "hits". We do not spam search engines and directories using mere site submission tools. We hand-craft web sites from top to bottom, and market them using sound marketing research, concepts and elbow grease according to the rules of the medium. We are a conversion-focused marketing company powered by the expertise of seasoned marketing and development professionals. We craft conversion-ready plans that draw motivated traffic to your site: search engine marketing that generates sales, and search engine optimization that gradually raises your sales and lowers overheard while maintaining the reach of your message. This is how we work for you. We advise our clients upfront what the best course of action is, and then work with them to institute that plan to create an array of winning marketing strategies that actually work.

Our Founder

Mark Brimm

Mark Brimm, Owner & Director of Interactive Marketing

For over 20 years now, Mark Brimm has been racking up online and offline marketing and publicity industry experience and kudos, as a web branding and marketing expert, star copywriter, search engine marketing guru, eventually building the best marketing and creative agencies under the rubrick of Interface Communications Group, a company he formed from his own consulting career and wide-reaching experience in copywriting, web dev, graphic design and eventually digital marketing, proper. Mark not only understands digital strategy and tactics from the ground up, but understands what's required to properly train a marketing team for success.


"A lot of agencies don't think it matters to give the very best possible expertise, because they don't have such expertise. I feel that every client deserves expertise, experience, and straight talk. We give every client measurable results that prove ROI. Our technical and management teams are more stable and technically qualified than most agencies' full-time employees, because we don't hire newbies off the street and train them according to best practices blogs. It might surprise most prospective clients to learn that MOST agencies do."

"We have deep, native expertise and a deep committment to quality control. Our clients get the very best of cutting edge interactive marketing available, every time, and without all the pointless overhead costs they would normally pay for. I've consulted a ,large percentage of the local agencies in the Houston area, and many top agencies nationally. Some good, some not so good. I can tell you that what we offer are the most competent and strategically viable digital marketing services currently available anywhere. I work to make sure every client is getting the best value for their money spent."


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