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Affordable Search Engine Optimization

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Learning Center: What is SEO?

Affordable Search Engine Optimization

What is it, really?

It's good search engine optimizing optimized by a veteran optimization company for the purposes of getting your site ranked high on the top search engines (such as Google.com) as fast and safely as is possible.

I've actually been doing this work ever since I discovered that it's very hard to write the next great American novel, or at least to get it published by a respectable publisher. And why not? Good things take time. What I've learned though thick times and thin is that Google, to stay on top, *tries* to be the best informational research device it can be on the world wide web. That doesn't mean that it needs to eliminate SEO companies, it actually means that it needs to restrict them as to what they can do to tilt results. They realize that people search the web in large part to find ways to better promoter their sites, and they realize that most people and companies can't possibly master this art on their own.

A well-optimized site takes into account so many factors that it isn't possible to adequately cover them all in a single article. But here is my best try:

1. Design

The site shouldn't be all flash. A block in the middle is fine, but if your entire site is made of flash, you will never likely end up on Top10 results for your keywords, which means you either you are relying on networking to get your targeted traffic, you feel your site is already a househould name in domain names, or you just like to waste your own time and money. Some people seem to like that. I know that I don't, however.

2. Content

Your content needs to be arranged and written in such a way as to attract the most attention for Google keyword searches relevant to your site. If people are able to find you on Google, THEN you are ready to submit to engines, but not until then. Submitting before hand will get you indexed, and that is fine, but don't count on ever being found just because the engines have your url indexed. Indexed is not the same as ranked on visible results. Ranking takes a little time. It's not overnight or even over a single crawl.

3. Meta Tags

NOT the end-all solution to optimization. If you think they are, then you clearly are behind the times and should not be in charge of your own organization's website promotion, trust me. ...Just trust me on this one.

4. Linking

Ultimately, this may not be as important as you may be reading elsewhere. I know it's popular among SEOs to say otherwise, but I have seen how Google treats sites that have none as compared with those heavily linked. Suffice it to say that linking is not honored without all the other bases being covered. Once all bases are covered, linking can be a tremendous boost in ranking. You defintely do need it, but don't assume it will carry you alone, because it simply doesn't work that way. It requires something to boost first, namely optimized content and an SEO-friendly site.

5. Directories

If I were to recommend any one single "extra" technique beyond optimized content and submitting to engines, it would be this one. DIrectories have the power and clout with search engines to put you a solid step closer to #1. You need them. As many as you can get. We typically spread them out. Doing so allows you to better guage the expense and also to avoid penalization for attempting to flood Google all at once with a ton of links to your site. Problem? How to submit your site in a way that an editor will find kosher and proper. This is where many first discover that they do not always play well with others. A pro is the best way to go, without which you may never be allowed in. Editors are human and somewhat hard to please and often unfathomable. Better leave this to a pro.

7. Other Methods

We do find numerous other methods for boosting results which change frequently, but are low-risk, and ALL are 100% legal and in Google's best interests as well as the client's. Some obstinate and confused SEO-minded people would add in "black hat" teachnique right about here, but I will tell you why we don't do that.

1-Black hat techniques give short term success only. 1-2 crawls, maximum.

2. It is long-term suicide (you'll be penalized or even banned from the SERPs, probably forever). Hooray!

3-You actually still need a #3?! The word "banned" should have done it.


Q: What happens if I just stuff hidden keywords on my index page?

A: Banned within 3 crawls, or at least penalized down to a level that is below that of yourinitial added boost.

Q: What if I hotlink to myself a million times using my keywords as links or alt text?

A: Penalized in PageRank and SERPs performance.

Q: If I use a redirect from my index page?

A: Penalized on the index PageRank and probably on SERPs.

Q: Should I try to optimize my site and promote it on my own?

A: Do you have time to become an expert in search engine optimization first? If not, you had better be doing a personal page featuring junior's first words, because the odds are you will just lay there until you are promoted efficiently or until your site is banned from Google and other crucial search engines for trying "black hat" techniques without realizing it.

If you have money on the line, you'd be crazy not to realize that web presence is advertising reach and should be treated cautiously at all times. Search Engine Optimization is form of both advertising and branding/positioning for the web. You can get customers from the web, so don't waste time and opportunity thinking it's somehow supposed to be free. Nothing in this world worth having is free.

SEO Zen master say: To gain one thing of true value to you (organic search results rankings), you must first let go of another (money). Top10 results for competitive keywords simply won't come without expert work involved. Anyone that says otherwise is either ignorant or is pulling your leg.





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