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Public Relations Services

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Public Relations Services

Public Relations Services:

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An SEO God in the Making


Who the heck is Mark Brimm?

December 5, 2007

Is he an SEO expert? Or an SEO Guru? Could he be the SEO god? Well...yes, but it's not nice to stare.

Search engine optimization for me started in about 91, when the internet was just taking off, albeit on training wheels, but moving right along. Everybody was putting up a rinky dink site, but virtually no real commerce was being conducted whatsoever, and CEOs the world over were piqued, but ultimately not that interested. Those of us who knew what this was going to mean to the world, however, and had been on those BBS servers like compuserve, knew all ttoo well this was going to get big. Search engines like inktomi and later HotBot, and much later Google and Yahoo were making things interesting by adding fuel to the fire. SEO, or search engine optimization, was a natural outcome of search engines, but it would take a revolution by Google to make it more competitive, by disabling the meta tag death grip on conten-to-keywordt relevancy ratios.

Since the first telnet connections and BBS pages, I took to the internet like a lazy duck to water. I learned that branding was more important that the hobbyist site-assemblers could easily understand with their moving gif pixels and later their beautiful web designs...I knew, because I had been there already, made the website art that no search engine would crawl, conformed my vision to the needs of the market once I graduated college, and gave myself to the task of understanding why and how marketing can make sense on the internet without a pyramid scheme being the model. The internet was a medium for art, yes, and for reasonably accurate information, hopefully, one day...but the commerce side was going to be pretty big. Shopping, which no man in his right mind really likes to go and do, could be done from home. Wait, you mean, I can sit in my PJs and do my Chrstmas shopping? This was a revelation, and a welcome sign of promise for information technology. From lazy shopper to SEO guru/expert, an 80's-raised atari addict morphed into an SEO god, born amidst humble commodore 64 discs and game cartridges, game code books and emptied pizza boxes. And yes, I loved those moving gifs that eventually became the cliche of the internet's many advertising banner stacks with no clue how to find a customer.

From a love of DIY, I learned that DIY is only good for those who plan on being computer geeks, and that DIY for the average business is costly indeed. With my passion for unlocking search engine results pages, I learned how to optimize the site from A to Z, review it, make the right changes, and then promote the right linking streategies for the content involved (not a cookie-cutter approach, but real customization per client) and thus to make a site appear on the Top10 and keep it there, regardless of the major engine involved. I discovered that the caprice of the search engines is great and twists to meet the manipulation of insiders like myself only too readily, and that most of them did not offer much to the potential profiteer who wanted to invest. I conformed my expectations to those of a rising star, Google, which, I predicted to my uninterested friends and associates, was going to dominate the internet search results market. I learned to feed it what it wanted, and the results began to become predictable enough to give a guaranteea measure of stable ROI to all my SEO clients. Other SEO firms didn't like it one bit, and Google wasn't too keen on this either, which made it easier for the hacks to excuse themselves from performing at the same level. Many American and a sea of offshore all-purpose "web marketing services" and SEO firms were able to profitably manipulate the public's misconceptions about the relevance of design to SEO (and still are), but my firm grew in revenue steadily and these fly-by-night design outfits who do SEO as an afterthought and a value-added web design "add-on" service began to lose their clients to me. Once dependable analytics tools made their way in, the rest was history. From domain selection to ongoing marketing management, Interface can provide the key consulting help that an ambitious business needs, because we know where the missing puzzle pieces really go, and in what order.

I feel sorry for those who do not select Interface as their go-to search engine optimization and search marketing company in an ocean of providers who do one thing well and take on 99 others, whereas we consult well on 100 things, and do only ourselves what we have business doing, using only the most qualified contract creative and technical people in the industry on each project we take on. And while the product is relevant to the budget, the product is typically light years ahead in the areas that matter most: creating actionable sales leads.

So you see, being an SEO god is not an easy ride, there were lots of all-night programming sessions and chat fests, testing and disillusionments with various technologies that came and got updated, only to leave viability altogether down the line.

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