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Our Internet Marketing Affiliate Program is ideal for agencies and consultants with too many clients and too few hands.

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Public Relations Services

Internet Marketing Strategies:

Branding consultation
PPC Bid Management
Search Engine Campaigns
Email Campaigns
Display Ad Campaigns
Logo / ID Creation
Graphic Services
Newsletter Development
Copy Writing
Flash Presentations
Power Point Presentations

Public Relations Services

Web Development & Support Services:

Web design
eBusiness Planning
Flash Development
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Public Relations Services

Public Relations Services:

Image & Relations Consulting
Crisis Prevention
Crisis Management
Publicity Campaigns
Targeted Communications
Press Release Copywriting

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Internet Marketing Affiliate Program

    We can offer our affiliates the best partner solutions for internet marketing currently available. Under our affiliate program, you hand them off directly to us, and earn a comission. We own the clients, you take home the commissions, not the worries or constant client requests.
  • SEO
    • Optimization
    • Linking
    • Submissions
    • Content
  • PPC
    • AdWords
  • Traffic Building
    • Pop-Under Networks
    • Banner Networks
  • Creative Campaign Work
    • Collateral Design
    • PR Campaign Concepts
    • Ad Campaign Concepts
    • Branding Campaigns
  • Publicity
    • Press Kits
    • Press Releases
    • Publicity Campaign Management

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Our Affiliate Program:
Providing you with this solution "behind the scenes" under your agency banner is easy and stress-free.

Payments: We need payments UPFRONT at the beginning of every month of service required. For subscriptions, this means you sign up for the subscription service directly on our site.

Seamless Branding: We provide the service seamlessly to YOUR clients via a non-proprietary email address! We may also consult with them for you via phone. We never reveal our company ID or materials to your clients. We even provide you with a third-party-created NDA service to enure your maximum comfort!

Start Today: We make it easy! Email us @ !
* You may cancel your subscription at any time by notifying us within 5+ working days of your next subscription renewal date (the day of the month you signed up on). Your account will be serviced until the end of your subscription period already paid for, unless you specifiy otherwise. Subscriptions are automatically drafted via automated funds transfer from the specified funds source via PayPal signup. For those unfamiliar with this service, it means that when you sign up, you agree to have your subscription fee automatically drafted from your bank or credit card every 3 months from the date you sign up. We do NOT refund full subscription fees for any subscription period already begun. Terms of service may change without notice.
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