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Put a face on your internet business

Internet marketing requires
an array of skills and expertise beyond that of traditional marketing.

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Public Relations Services

Internet Marketing Strategies:

Branding consultation
PPC Bid Management
Search Engine Campaigns
Email Campaigns
Display Ad Campaigns
Logo / ID Creation
Graphic Services
Newsletter Development
Copy Writing
Flash Presentations
Power Point Presentations

Public Relations Services

Web Development & Support Services:

Web design
eBusiness Planning
Flash Development
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Public Relations Services

Public Relations Services:

Image & Relations Consulting
Crisis Prevention
Crisis Management
Publicity Campaigns
Targeted Communications
Press Release Copywriting

Our #1 Priority was Designed & Developed in the USA by The Online Marketing Experts.


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Our Process

We take pride in a job well done.

And that begins with your initial inquiry. We make it easy as 1-2-3, by taking the time to...

1 ...listen to your complete input on your needs. Then, when we have complete foundation to build upon, we create an initial...

2 We create a sketch for most larger priced creatives we do. Once we've narrowed down the design with you and matched it to your functional needs, we take that design, together with your completed input, and create a blueprint for the end product. (For start-ups in need of tailored, specific, researched counsel appropriate to web development needs, we offer our own thorough BluPrintConsultation which takes into account a myriad of considerations, melding classic marketing dictums with a thorough-going understanding of constantly changing internet marketing conditions.) The next step is to...

3 your new marketing creative or web site according to the sound blueprint we have developed in tandem with you.

The benefits of this process are manifold:

  • You get the design that WORKS for your immediate and encroaching future online marketing needs, reducing the need for redesign. That saves you money in the long haul keeps your internet business on course.

  • You get a COMPLETE, fully adequate creative that can handle all the functions you require, WITHOUT finding later that some or all of your solutions clash with each other (such as in Web development objectives), or are incompatible with other aspects of your marketing plan. This also saves you valuable time and money.

  • You get QUALITY, search engine optimized, homogenous web sites and inateractive marketing creatives from the beginning, at a fraction of the time and cost that it will require outsourcing from multiple contractors for the same solutions. This saves you not only money, but energy, stress, and allows you more time and free attention to work on what you really need to focus on: doing business.




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