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Search Engine Optimization

Q: "What is it?"

A: That's one of the most worthwhile questions any new online businessowner or marketer can ever hope to ask. Why? Because it will make or break any business whose chief method of receiving sales comes from internet searches from any of the major search engines available, such as Google, MSN, AOL, Ask Jeeves, Yahoo, All the Web, etc. These search engines have traditionally determined results ranking based upon keywords placed within the meta tags of the web site, in tandem with considerations such as non-use of dynamic URLs, careful keyword research and selection, and proper use of "rich" content (content that is rich in keywords).

Search Engine Optimization Primer

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

First, let's start with why this is such an important question...

Why Search Engine Optimization Matters:
Search Engine Optimization is the most common form of web marketing used by both Fortune 500 companies and mom & pop start-ups. Why? Because it gives a site’s web marketing a foundation, a way to achieve a minimum of results even when your marketing budget has gone dry. And now for the what it is part...

What Is Search Engine Optimization?
Search Engine Optimization is simply another form of advertising.
…A cheaper form! Optimization is just that: optimization of your web site’s code. It entails changing elements of the pages of your site to conform with engines in every way possible and enhance the indexing of your site by the search engines. After optimization, the site is submitted to numerous search engines like, and These engines find and list your site. The more listings your site has, the easier it will be to find in search results. Obviously, this is a desirable situation. Therefore, it is recommended to tune-up your Optimization every 3 months after your site is optimized, depending upon your budget and marketing goals. To reinforce the optimization, we perform a linking campaign to ensure numerous, quality links in an efficient time-frame.

We use fully tested Search Engine Optimization methods and Link campaigning get your site listed in Top10 results. Click the examples below.


How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?
Individuals use Internet search engines like to search for keywords or keyword phrases, like “ad industry guru” or "jet skis" and then they find search results in two categories. The first, free results, are seen at the left side of the screen. Paid results (not free) are seen on the right side on Google..

Optimization vs. PayPerClick (PPC)
Paid results, such as are used in PayPerClick (PPC) campaigns like’s AdWords program, are usually seen on the right-hand side or top of the search results. PPC results are just that, paid-per-click. They cost the advertiser money each time someone clicks the text ad. Despite some recent attempts to streamline AdWords and prevent fraudulent clicks, PPC campaigns aren’t fool-proof, but they do get instant visibility on search results for most non-proper noun searches. For instant sales, it's an effective road to take, but it can be wasteful over time.

We perform Search Engine Optimization with free results visibility in mind. Like PPC, it’s not permanent, but unlike PPC, Search Engine Optimization only costs the fees charged by the optimizer, instead of paying per click. A well-optimized site that is widely linked to from without will get superior free results placement on search engines, and without the hefty and hard-to-regulate monthly click-through fees. Search Engine Optimization and links campaigning thus the solution for businesses with a marginal marketing budget.

How Long Does It Take?
The typical Optimization requires 2-3 months for full results. 2 months is the norm. This is due to the way engines crawl (find) web sites and index them into their records.

How Much Does It Cost?
It costs comparatively little (Jump straight to our package pricing by clicking the START NOW button below). Take a look at the prices of ads in the leading trade journals related to your offering and compare those prices to what you would pay for a thorough-going Online campaign which includes optimization, paid search programs, etc. The prices are staggeringly incongruent. Online advertising is way cheaper.

Some Optimization Statistics
With marketing budgets getting tighter and an emphasis in providing clear Return on Investment (ROI) for any marketing initiatives, it is critical to employ a medium that delivers results. Search engines are an effective vehicle to help buyers find what they are looking for. By positioning your web site to be accessible to the buyer seeking your product or service at the moment that they are making a purchasing decision, the end result is increased traffic of qualified visitors to your web site.

Studies clearly show that search engines are the primary way that internet users find the offering or web site they're looking for. Take a look at a few recent statistics:

  • Over 80% of web users find the sites they're looking for by using a search engine, according to both Forrester Research and Georgia Tech's GVU Center User Surveys.
  • Each day, 57% of all web users search the Internet, making search the 2nd most popular Internet activity after email (according to Statistical Research, Inc.)
  • Search listings outscore banner and tile ads by more than 2 to 1 on measures including awareness, likelihood to click-on, and overall opinion, in a recent study by NPD Group. The survey also found that consumers are 5 times more likely to purchase a product after seeing search listings versus banners.
  • Search engines drive extremely targeted traffic. The visitor that finds your site through a search engine is looking for exactly what you're selling.
  • Search engine optimization is one of the least expensive methods of driving traffic to a web site.
  • This is a great value that demonstrates clear ROI for your marketing investment.

Our process involves

  • Reporting
  • Targeting Keywords
  • Optimizing of Content
  • Submissions and
  • Anaylysis

to constantly make improvements to your organic search ranking campaign.

The Rules Change Often... Do You?
Google, long recognized as the industy bellweather for internet-based search technology, has altered the course of the job of the Search Engine Optimizer, or SEO, and thus of SEM (Search Engine Marketing), many times over. The correct way to respond to this situation is:

A) not to rely upon a single optimization alone to put you on top. Those who are on top currently are not there due solely to a single optimization of their site. To stay on top, you need a dedicated, year-round solution for Search Engine Marketing, requiring seasonal updates, and seasonal updating of links.

B) Consider the use of web rings, free banner programs, and newsgroups to get out the word about your service if your budget is too low to use PPC effectively.

C) Understand the value of a year-round campaign strategy with a single team. If you don’t know to go about it, an Interface SEM pro can manage such a campaign for you. A single team can learn your needs and market and offer the most advanced strategies, rather than can a "this-or-that" approach, employing different teams at random times.

D) Understand what you can buy AND what you cannot buy:

You can buy
You cannot buy

...cumulative-beneifts optimization of your site. ...guaranteed Top10 results from a temporary optimization.
...more links to your site. ...1-time "permanent optimization." monthly optimization plan that will provide competitive resultsyear-round. ...links that never disappear. Sites come and go, and so do site owners, business managers, etc. that will help you to optimize your site. that will optimize your site for you as an SEO could do.
...current optimization strategies. ...eternal optimization strategies.

Recent Changes
Within the past year, Google has up-ended this system somewhat for its own search results, attempting to arrive at a less "tilted" approach via the bypassing of the keyword meta tag, depending more directly upon the actual text for the propoer weighting of results. This is only one of a few changes it has enacted. Many of the original concerns still apply, and the average entrepreneur is just as hard-pressed to successfully take advantage of the instant services available on the market to do SEO alone.

Why "Instant Submission" Doesn't Work
Instant submission has never been a faithful means of submitting a site to multiple engines, and remains just as poor a method today. Interface Communications Group gives extensive attention to testing and research and we've found from our OWN research that instant submissions simply DO NOT achieve the level of quality results you will achieve using direct hand-submission from an experienced SEO technician. In fact instant submission is incredibly harmful to your site's reception by search engines, and it really doesn't matter who is doing it.

Real SEO Advantage
We started out outsourcing SEO like a lot of unsuspecting businesses did because we were involved primarily in other forms of marketing originally. That was over 10 years and over 1250 clients ago. Today we ARE the l;eSEO experts

What can you do?
Search engines sometimes change the rules. We don't mind. We offer campaign management that helps even the odds, no matter what the search engines do next. We work hard to help you give a Face to your internet business.

Get on Top10 results in just 3 months!


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